Why Robert Yangís weird homoerotic games are genius.

I first learned of the game developer Robert Yang while watching a video off of Super Panic Frenzy. The video featured two Youtube personalities playing through one of Robert Yangís strangely erotic video games: Rinse and Repeat. While the game was clearly meant to be erotic I couldnít help but find some humor in it. Plus, the reactions of the two playing the game were pretty priceless. Upon further investigation I found that this guy had developed several similarly hilarious yet sensual games. After watching a couple more videos it was clear that I had come across some serious gold. Hereís a list of a couple of my favorite Robert Yang creations:

This game isnít exactly a game nessiarily. Itís literally just a dude sucking on a popsicle with a couple other dudes standing in the background in their underwear. On Yangís site it says that this particular music-video-game hybrid is mostly supposed to be an homage to homo-hop, which I can only assume is gay hip-hop. You control the popsicle with your mouse as the other guys in the back stand around and seemingly play with their junk in the background. There is literally no clear point to this game, however itís just so fucking bizarre and hilarious that itís genius. It doesnít even feel like a videogame; it feels like an extremely suggestive interactive art piece. For some reason it still manages to be equal parts uncomfortable, entertaining and hilarious.

Stick Shift
This game might actually be my personal favorite. I wonder if this game is based off of how sometimes guys will ask potential suitors if they ìcan drive stickî, if you know what I mean. The funniest part to me is that name isnít even a euphemism. The actual goal of the game is to literally play with a stick shift until the car your driving climaxes. This game honestly cracks me up. Instead, of fondling a digital penis like most erotic flash games your goal is to literally jerk off a car. Again, this game feels like a piece of oddly erotic artwork. I feel like Yang is probably trying to make a greater statement about sexuality but itís definitely going over my head. Regardless of the statement heís making, I canít help but be entertained by the ludicrous concept of this game. Even if youíre not into mentally parsing out different facets of sexuality, youíll definitely be at least a little amused.

Cobra Club
Okay, firstly this game is not for the faint of heart. The whole concept of this project is to ìtake back the dick pic from the clutches of congressmen and creepy headlinesî by allowing players to customize a digital penis and ñ you guessed it ñ snap nude mirror pics. All of these games seem to have an underlying artsy and social-movement-y theme. But like I said before they are all pretty damn funny. Watching the demo for this game was a little cringey for me because there are sooooo many dicks. But thereís something about being able to customize a dick, right down to the pubes, that kills me. But hey, if you donít have a penis this is a somewhat awkward and funny way to learn what itís like to take a dick pic.

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