Proof League of Legends is the Sexiest PC Game

What makes a great videogame? Great game play, good story, and community are all important. But realistically what do we all want to see while we PWN some NOOBZ? Boobs. Duh. Which brings me to my point: League has the hottest champions, therefore League is the basically the sexiest game online. Iíve ordered these badass ladies in no particular order ñ except for number one who Iím basically in love with. Enjoy the hotness:

This armor clad babe is a total badass. Sure, this champion doesnít necessarily show too much of her body ñ except for her Pool Party skin. But, sheís still hot AF. I mean her skin literally ìshimmers with starfireî and her eyes ìburn with with power of the celestial Aspect within her.î Maybe I just have a thing for armor.This badass babe is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this popular MOBA.

Who doesnít like a dark beauty? This mange is brutal on the battlefield ñ she can really handle those (energy) balls. Not only is she a worthy opponent, sheís a pretty cute one too. Though her skins hardly show the upper part of her face, thereís plenty more to look at especially when it comes to her Atlantean skin.

This support champion is dreamy AF. She looks like someone pulled her straight out of a Final Fantasy game. She has incredibly dreamy, anime-like features and has so pretty cute skins. If youíre into the dreamy, lovey-dovey type thing her Sweetheart Skin is definitely right up your alley. But if youíre more into technology and skin tight clothing you need to check out her DJ skin. Donning an animated helmet and revealing, skin tight jump suit, Sona becomes a sexier version of a member of Daft Punk. it even allows you to share music with your teammates as you fight to be victorious.

This powerful character ñ and my personal favorite ADC ñ is essentially the Harley Quinn of League. Not only is she incredibly fun to play, but sheís is a whole lot of cute and crazy wrapped up into a tiny little lady. If youíre a longtime fan of Harley Quinís quirky behavior, then youíll certainly find yourself similarly infatuated with Jinx. (Plus she has some of the best fan art)

Ashe is the character you learn with when you first download the game. This easy to play character is often overlooked however once you take a peek at her skins youíll change your mind. Personally I think her Sherwood Forest skin is probably the cutest ñ as she looks like sheís wearing a skimpy Robin Hood costume. However, her Heartseeker skin has become a fan favorite. I mean who doesnít like pink?

Not only is Akali the embodiment of a sexy ninja, she has a Nurse Skin available for purchase. I mean common. A nurse costume. How could that not be cute? But donít get distracted by the cleavage and the thigh-highs, this champion will do some damage especially once sheís fed.

Riot games basically is catering to those with elevated sex drives with this character. Not only is Nidalee scantily clad as a basic champion, but she literally has a French Maid Skin. I mean how could you possible resist dropping some riot points just to see that in action?

This champion brings a whole new meaning to the word foxy. Thereís something about tiny ears and tails that really gets gamer guys going. Iím not sure why, but I see the appeal. Perhaps my favorite skin of hers is the popstar skin. Itís reminiscent of the cutesy KPop aesthetic and is just so unapologetically girly, I love it.

And last but certainly not least
Miss Fortune
In my opinion, Miss Fortune takes the top spot when it comes to sexiest champ. Her entire character is based around romance including her abilities! Plus, little heart animations dance around her while she whoops ass in game. I mean how could you not love such a badass, cute-ass lady? Her skins do not disappoint with every one showing off some serious skin. Miss Fortune is basically everything I aspire to be and everything guys should crave in a woman (and champion). Sheís literally the full package because not only is she hot AF but once leveled is a force to be reckoned with in game.

And if youíre still not convinced that League has the hottest characters in the gaming world, just do a quick search for fan art or cosplay. You wonít be disappointed.

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