7 Games From The 90’s You Always Played


Flashback to when your Friday nights consisted of hot chocolate, popcorn and your overly dramatic family surrounding a board, plastic pieces, and a score chart. These games were the highlight of any weekend and where your competitive side reached full force.

Operation: One of the most difficult games because you end up being so focused that the slightest bit of buzz makes you twitch. You can’t help but feel so accomplished by removing a plastic bone that you now want to be a Doctor. How hard could it be if the body buzzes letting you know that they’re in pain and you get multiple tries? Thankfully the real thing is far from that but still a goodie you can’t help but miss.

CandyLand: This game was by far the most rewarding with all of the secret bridges, dual colored cards, and wild ones that let you jump like forty spots. The main priority was to get the ‘ Queen Frostine’ card before anyone else, and then throw a temper tantrum when someone beat you to it. I know it just wasn’t me who would do that. Your frustration with Candy Castle quickly escalated when you were only four spots away, pull a gingerbread man and are forced to go back to the beginning. All in all, you couldn’t help playing multiple times a night until everyone got the chance to be the winner at least once.

Connect Four: So strategic that you realized you already lost while you were busy planning your next three moves. It’s hard not to get weirdly competitive and put your pieces in faster each time causing you to lose even more quickly because any logic goes out the window. A game you play more times than you’re willing to admit in one seating.

Guess Who: There was always the person that you was your go to because you built an emotional connection to their bald head and glasses, but then everyone caught on. You always felt like a psychic if you ended up guessing the right person within a matter of a couple of questions or ultimately fail when you’re stuck between the two similar grandpas.

Trouble: So, you do get in a lot of trouble when you continually send someone back to their home base, but you can’t help yourself. You’ve never taken the mission to get all your little pieces to that center more seriously with some friendly competition. The bubble dice was the best part because it is up to luck to give you the exact number to win.

Twister: Way back when you were flexible and didn’t mind falling on your face completely sober. The amount of adrenaline and excitement to stretch your body in unpredictable ways was priceless. You only had to buy the plastic sheet, and you transformed into a professional acrobat.

Monopoly:The most competitive, in unpredictable ways was priceless. You only had to buy the plastic sheet, and you transformed into a professional acrobat.

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